Tips To Jump Higher For Basketball

Don’t just wonder how to jump higher, get out there and make it happen! For anyone wondering how to jump higher for basketball, the above four tips are a great place to start!
Here are four of the most important tips to keep in mind when working on increasing your vertical.
1) Don’t forget to focus on your nutrition! Many people don’t fully recognize how important the food you eat is to not only your ability to jump higher for basketball, but for your overall game as well. The food you eat is the fuel for your muscles, and the exercises to jump higher that you perform will be working your muscles to a new level. Bottom line, if you’re wondering how to jump higher for basketball you need plenty of protein, nutrients and healthy fats to get the job done!
2) Find the RIGHT basketball shoes for YOU, not just the ones your favorite pro wears. If you take the time to get a basketball shoe that fits you perfectly, you’ll give yourself a big edge in aiming to jump higher. I see too many people on the court wearing horribly fitting shoes just because they want to wear the “hottest” shoe – don’ t fall into this trap!
3) Legs, legs, legs! If you want to learn how to jump higher, you’re going to need to work the muscles that you use when you jump. And that means lots of exercises to jump higher which will target various leg muscles. You’ll find more information about these exercises on this site.
4) Copy the pros! Thousands of people have been in the exact same boat as you including the pros you see lighting it up in the NBA. Certain pros have developed programs specifically designed to make you jump higher and boost your vertical drastically (some by an average of 10 full inches). If it has been proven to work, then take action and go with it!